What We Do

Helping children in Sri Lanka since 1990

       Has dedicated over Five Million Dollars of financial resources for charitable work in Sri Lanka, and has provided:

  • Support for a Home in Mount Lavinia for underprivileged children, caring for up to 85 children at a time, for 26 years
  • Continued use of the home curently to assist, educate and train differently abled children
  • Complete support for a Home for approximately 20 children in Pesalei in the Mannar district for children from the northern refugee camps
  • Support for a Home for 25 children in Poovarasankulam in the Vavunia area for children with domestic issues sent through the court system
  • Support for a home for pregnant single mothers and babies in Poovarasankulam
  • Support for over 700 poor children, throughout the island
  • Providing daily lunch to about 350 poor children in rural schools
  • Assistance to 500 families affected by the Tsunami; in addition to much needed emergency aid immediately after the Tsunami; and the construction of 13 houses in the Hikkaduwa area
  • Restoration of wells contaminated or damaged in the war, in Kupilan North and Poonalikattuwan North, in Tellipallai, Uduvil, in the Jaffna district
  • Nutritional support for 100 patients (children) afflicted with cancer, throughout the island; assisting over 450 patients since the inception of the program
  • Daily food programs for approximately 600 children from the slums of Colombo
  • Support for a center in the Seeduwa area providing meals, transportation and tutoring to approximately 100 children
  • Meals for 200 children at a deaf and blind school in Jaffna
  • Support for children in families afflicted by Leprosy
  • Support for children's homes in Moratuwa
  • Monthly assistance to students and needy families with small children
  • Assistance to slum and street dwellers
  • Funding for seven life saving heart surgeries for children in need
  • As well as numerous other projects including housing and construction, and infrastructure development assistance


  • Arrupe Children’s Home in Poovarasankulam (on the Chettikulam Road, North-West of Vavunia). This is a girls’ home providing refuge for approximately 25 children who have been sent to the home by the court system due to abuse or unsatisfactory home conditions
  • Home for pregnant single mothers and babies, also in Poovarasankulam. These mostly young women – some in their teens – have been subjected to rape or been taken advantage of by men befriending them. The babies are adopted through government programs. The mothers live at the home with the babies until the child is adopted. We provide for complete support for approximately 20 to 30 mothers and babies resident at any given time.
  • Samata Sarana Kindigoda Branch. This center, west off the Colombo-Negombo road at Seeduwa, in a remote hamlet, provides breakfast, transportation to and from school, a snack for school, lunch after school, and tutoring, to approximately 100 children from the nearby hamlets. We provide for the complete support of the center. We have provided computers for their development.
  • At Samata Sarana's main facility in Mutwal, which provides multiple services to 500 to 600 of the poorest from the neighboring areas, we provide for food to approximately 200 children.
  • Jeevanie Children’s Home in Moratuwa. We provide partial support for this home for approximately 25 girls. We have supported this home for many years.
  • Bethany Child Development Center in Moratuwa. This home provides a refuge to approximately 20 to 25 children, mainly girls, from the court system. Their parents are drug addicts or prisoners, and the children have been abandoned with no one to care for them. This home cares for them until they are able to return to a more normal life to sustain themselves.
  • Cancer patients. We provide support for 100 children with cancer, being nursed in their own homes throughout the country, with ongoing nutrition, through CandleAid Lanka, a volunteer driven organization in Sri Lanka. We continue to do so until they are back healthy or succumb to their illness. We have supported over 450 patients through this program.
  • Clarendon Children’s Home in Mount Lavinia. The three-story dormitory was completed. We have provided the use of our home and all of the facilities with a current capacity for 72 children for 28 years. Since Sri Lanka no longer has such homes, it is now used totrain, educate and help differently abled children.
  • Mankulam Child Development Center. Mankulam is on the A9 road between Vavunia and Jaffna. This Home, begun during the war, now provides refuge to 50 to 70 girls referred from the probationary and court systems.
  • We have constructed a small school room in a remote area on the Putlam-Mannar road (through the jungle). Students in this remote impoverished area are tutored in English, Mathematics, Computers and Music, where resources are scarce. We have sponsored older students for more advanced vocational training in office skills, computer software and English, as well as tutoring for GCE Advanced Level students in core subject areas.
  • We provide tutoring classes in all subjects to GCE A/Level students and stipends to university students
  • Meth Mihira. This institute provides services to differently abled children. (Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy.) We provide transportation from surrounding areas to and from the school for these very poor children. 
  • The Clarendon Children's Home was remodeled and converted to serve children with disabilities such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Autism.
  • We provide milk food for infants at Mother Theresa's Home.
  • We provide daily lunch to over 100 children in Gajabapura in the Mullativu area where those in 'border areas' were displaced during the war and have now returned to their original home areas. These children from impoverished families almost rely on this mid-day meal for their sustenance, and it has greatly improved attendance, performance and participation in after school activities. We also provide an after school snack and transportation to and from school where otherwise they would walk three to four kilometers. We have provided English teachers for tutoring as well as supplemented the staff by paying the salaries for two more full time teachers.
  • The success of this program has enabled us to launch similar programs to children in schools on the remote Kayts island in the Jaffna penninsula and in the remote village of Kumulamunai to hundreds of poor children.
  • We have recently joined donors in assisting renown Sri Lankan singer, musician and composer Rukshan Perera in producing videos for mass circulation to children, teaching them ethics and values.






We continue to explore other needs. All of our expenditures are accounted for and we require adequate accounting and ongoing information and communication from those entrusted.

With your continued help, we can do more
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