Tsunami Relief

Our Continuing Relief Efforts



Many in Sri Lanka live in conditions of severe deprivation and poverty. Entire families often survive on uncertain incomes of $20 to $30 per month, sometimes with the additional burden of extended family to support. Such conditions often produce malnutrition and disease, and then alcoholism and drug abuse. Children are subjected to physical, psychological and sexual abuse.


And then, the Tsunami came.
The Tsunami mostly affected the poorest of the poor. Many living along the coast line are fishermen and villagers with meager means. The Tsunami took away what little they had. Many lives of the "survivors" are destroyed forever, having lost their loved ones to the fury of the waters. Among these are children, orphaned or abandoned. The conditions of poverty will continue on, not only for those directly affected by the Tsunami, but for many others as well. This misery will continue on for years to come. The Clarendon Foundation has as its primary objective the welfare of these children.


 What we have done so far...

As soon as the Tsunami hit, the Clarendon Foundation funded relief supplies to the affected southern coastal areas and to the eastern Batticaloa region. We then helped those getting their lives back together by funding the purchase of comprehensive packages of kitchen utensils for 500 affected families. We funded assistance to those still living in substandard conditions in tented camps. A project was funded through St. John's Ambulance Brigade, a highly respected volunteer organization, to train those in the camps in First Aid, CPR and other basic medical procedures. We provided bicycles, sewing machines and woodworking equipment to refugees in camps in the east coast, enabling them to resume their livelihoods and get back on their feet. For longer term assistance, we have funded the construction of 13 houses in Moratuwa, Ahangama, Maggona, and Hikkaduwa, all affected coastal areas.


... and will continue to do.

Our main thrust is to care for the children now and in the future. Our Home in Mount Lavinia, "Clarendon" took in more children, reaching a total of 48 children just after the tsunami, and we sponsored more children in Homes from Trincomalee to Moratuwa. We have expanded our facilities in Mount Lavinia to be able to provide a Home for even more children.


We need to provide continuing assistance to the poor in Sri Lanka on a long term basis. We need your help to do so. The major relief efforts came and went. The children continue to cope. We need to continue to help them.



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