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Response to COVID-19 Crisis in Sri Lanka

·       The Clarendon Foundation has taken action to help the underprivileged in Sri Lanka in the face of this unprecedented crisis.

      We have donated dry rations to remote areas in Sri Lanka which are the hardest hit, in terms of the scarcity of funds and food. A few weeks ago, funds were wired to Gajabapura, where the Clarendon Foundation has been providing a daily lunch to poor rural students. The funds were sent to the Principal of the Gajabapura school to purchase dry rations and distribute to over 100 school families. This has been completed with the distribution of food packs to about 115 families in the area. These supplies, valued at about Rs.5,000 per pack, are expected to be sufficient for a family of four or five for about two weeks.

      Funds were also sent to Jaffna through a Catholic Nun, who is the coordinator of a local Clarendon project. The funds were used to purchase dry rations that include rice, sugar, dhal, tea leaves and soy beans. Dry ration packs were assembled by volunteers and delivered to families in need. Again, these provisions valued at about Rs.5,000 per pack, are likely to last about two weeks.

      Following the success of this endeavor, additional funds were sent to this area where the strict curfew made it impossible for those affected to secure food. The curfew in the area also made the purchase and distribution of the food virtually impossible. Contacts with the army commander for the Jaffna area made it possible for the distribution with the army's assistance where soldiers came with vehicles and assisted with the project.

      Additional support was provided by funding a group of concerned local volunteers to provide distribution of over 400 packs of food in the outskirts of the Colombo area.

      We also collaborated with a NGO in Sri Lanka to provide further packs of food in the Dehiwela area


Easter Sunday Bombing 

      We have undertaken the support of victims of the Katuwapitiya Easter Sunday church bombing. This support will continue as the needs continue.


Gajabapura is a remote village in the north-eastern Mullativu district. After the conclusion of the war, many majority community villagers displaced by the military conflict have returned to their homes and are rebuilding their lives. Local schools are being reestablished with meager support. The Clarendon Foundation has enlisted the support of local communities, teachers, the principal and parents, and is providing a daily lunch and an after school snack for these very poor children. The children are also provided transportation to and from school where they would otherwise have to walk three to four kilometers. Two English teachers have been hired to give tutoring. Two other full time teachers are being paid by the Clarendon Foundation to fill a staffing shortage. 


Meth Mihira is a Special Education Center for the mentally and physically handicapped located in Koralawella, Moratuwa. Meth Mihira provides daycare, sensory activities, outreach and physiotherapy to about 50 differently abled children from very poor families. We provide for the complete support of this program.

The Clarendon Children's Home  has also now been remodeled to provide for differently abled children. This facility now provides the same services as noted above at Meth Mihira. Due to regulatory changes, restrictions have been placed prohibiting the earler nature of operation of children' s homes or "orphanages" in Sri Lanka. Our focus is being placed on these most derserving of children with down syndrome, autism and different abilities.





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The Twenty-Third Annual FRIENDS Charity Fundraiser!

February 13, 2022, at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel. All proceeds for the benefit of differently abled children, destitute children and child cancer patients in Sri Lanka.



For tickets and information please contact us.