Other Projects



Family Assistance

Our family assistance programs assist destitute families with small children. each with several small children and no means of steady income to support themselves and the children. The children would sometimes miss school because they were too hungry or too weak to go to school. Each of these families have been carefully chosen and recommended by missionary service providers in Sri Lanka because of their needs and deserving assistance.


Other Projects

We have provided support in the past to other projects. We contributed to the very successful renovation of the kitchen facilities at St. Mary’s Girls Home in Welihena, in Kochchikade. The entire kitchen was tiled on the walls and counters, allowing for the facilities to be easily cleaned and maintained. Encouraged by the success at St. Mary’s, we funded a similar renovation at Fatima Boys Home in Welihena. These two Homes provide shelter to homeless children, some referred to the Homes from the Court system and the probation and child welfare agencies. We also contributed a year’s tuition for 25 poor children at Good Shepherd Convent, Kotahena.


Heart Surgery


We have funded the surgery of seven children with heart diseases such as Atrial Septal Defect disease, and Fallot's Tetralogy, requiring surgery. We received authentication of the needs and recommendation for assistance. Limited amounts of funds had been collected in Sri Lanka. We responded immediately with a commitment to fund the balance. As soon as we determined the remaining need, the funding checks were sent to Sri Lanka.


Each of our efforts project compassion and loving kindness, and permeate the barriers of race and creed, reaching out to those in need with open hearts.