Clarendon is a Home in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka, serving underprivileged children, mostly destitute orphans, since 1990. Some of the residents have been victims of the civil unrest of some years back and the war in the North, still bearing the scars of having witnessed the brutal murders and massacres of their parents and siblings. Some have been victims of the devastating tsunami, having lost their families to the fury of the waters. More recently, others have been children from the streets and slums, as well as orphans. The Home provides a sanctuary for these youngsters, irrespective of race, religion and other differences, shielding them from the certain fate of abuse and exploitation that they most likely would have succumbed to. The Home has been attending to all of their needs such as food, clothing, health care and education.


The Home has been operational since 1990 with the support of the Clarendon Foundation. The use of the house and the property on which the Home operates has been made possible through a donation from one of our benefactors. The Home has been entirely funded through the Clarendon Foundation.


We continued to fund all of the needs of 30 children who were previously resident at the Clarendon Children's Home and were placed in boarding schools and relatives, pursuing higher education. Some of the children from the program have completed their studies and have moved on to seek employment and family life through marriage. We will continue to support the children until they each complete their education. We have cared for these children since their formative years (in some cases for over 15 years). We will continue to provide for their support and education until completion.