Children with Cancer



The Maharagama Cancer Institute is a government-operated hospital in Maharagama, Sri Lanka, which cares for patients afflicted with cancer. While patients avail of this facility for treatment, their families, who suffer along with them, are also at hand, often without proper food, lodging and other basic needs. Assistance we provide will not be directed to the government owned facility or to the government of Sri Lanka. We will directly assist the patients and their families and, in doing so, will enlist the support of the volunteer run Sri Lanka Cancer Society, CandleAid Lanka, and other volunteers based in Sri Lanka. The children, afflicted with cancer and treated at the Maharagama Cancer Institute, are cared for in their own homes throughout the island. We provide a monthly allowance for their care and support. We have provided a monthly allowance to over 400 patients, and currently assist 100 children being cared for in their village homes, throughout the island. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this illness, many of the patients have passed away. We are seeking other such patients in need to assist. The good news is that many of these patients' conditions are improving, no longer needing our assistance, allowing us to move on to yet another child.