Thank you for your generosity!


The poor in Sri Lanka are enduring a difficult time with the country being shut down with curfews as a result of the spike in the pandemic; a sinking ship offshore unloading containers full of plastic pellets and toxic chemical on its shores, preventing the coastal poor from fishing; and torrential rains causing flooding in numerous areas. Thousands are without food. Many of the poor daily wage earners earn only sufficient money to feed their families for the day. The shutdowns have left thousands of the poor without food.


Hundreds of people support the Clarendon Foundation with your generosity. Your contribution helps us to continue to provide food to the thousands of people who are affected by the pandemic in Sri Lanka and the resulting shutdown (curfews). Thanks to EACH and EVERY one of you, we have, together, been able to help these suffering poor with food.


The Clarendon Foundation has been fortunate to have trusted contacts helping to deliver over 9,000 dry ration packs of food to about 65 locations, throughout Sri Lanka. The rations are sufficient to last a week to ten days for a family of four or five, providing food to about 40,000 people (men, women and children). Our funds, amounting to over $125,000, have been sent, in many instances including remote areas, to major grocery chains, which pack the food according to our specification and delivers hundreds of packs to each location. The packs are then distributed by volunteers. Our cost is only the cost of the food. The distribution is done by volunteers in each area.


The Clarendon Foundation has also donated medical equipment to a Sri Lankan hospital for its efforts to fight the Pandemic.


This is additional to the 22 continuous ongoing projects where the Clarendon Foundation currently assists over one thousand children.


The generosity of the donors made this possible. The Clarendon Foundation is thankful to each and every donor.


In accordance with our policy, 100% of your contribution will go toward charity without deduction for administrative costs.


We sincerely thank you once again for your generous support.